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I Do Over’s expert Certified Legal Document Preparer answers our most often asked questions in this series of videos below.  She explains how you can do all – or some – of the divorce proceedings with help from the I Do Over Team to get you through your divorce.

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What is I Do Over and how does it work?

what does an i do over divorce cost?

Can I really avoid using an attorney?

Who is eligible for this kind of divorce and what areas?

How will we work together and what will you do?

Can I already use the divorce papers I’ve started with?

What’s your background and why do you do this?

Does it take any longer to go through a divorce this way?

Is it legal to manage my divorce myself?


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Not everyone needs an attorney! But if you’ve never been through the process, you don’t know what you need to know.

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“Excellent follow up. Everything was explained in detail and in a way that was always easy to understand. Jenn is friendly, caring and would help you even after the fact. I felt she would do anything you needed.”

Lonnie C

“The service was very professional. And Jen was also very sweet. She not only took into consideration all the legal aspects but also all the personal aspects I was going through.”

Leanne A

“All my needs were met and knowledge of the divorce process given.”

Shawn M

“I’d rate Jen 100. She’s super awesome! I loved Jen. She’s timely, professional, very knowledgeable, super resourceful and was always available which is very important when you’re representing yourself.”

Jerald W

Thank you Billie for all your help. You and your staff at Modern Law and iDoOver are amazing. Big thanks to Jen. Professional and so understanding of my needs.”

Floyd W.

“Everyone I came in contact with was very nice. The girl at the front desk was exceptional as was Jen of course. Jen made me feel very comfortable expressing my feeling and my needs to her. She gave me the time and attention I needed. I would highly recommend her. You all helped me so much.”

Rose K

“Jennifer made me feel super comfortable. She answered all my questions and provided the best professional service.”

Michelle G

“The service was great. They were insanely thorough and detailed and caring. I knew my case was being taken care of and I didn’t have anything to worry about.”

Josh H


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