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What is an Acceptance of Service document?

For the person being served (Respondent): If you have received legal documents before they’ve been officially served to you, you may use an Acceptance of Service. Be aware, once you have filed the Acceptance of Service, your Response period has begun. If you live in the state of Arizona, you have 20 days from being served to respond. You have 30 days if you live outside Arizona. For the Petitioner: An Acceptance of Service document creates proof that the Respondent has been served certain documents. You can use this instead of hiring a process server to serve the opposing party. This will certainly save money and potentially time and embarrassment. Also, if you are able to work with the Respondent to coordinate service through the Acceptance of Service, it can help set the tone for a cooperative divorce or custody case.

Create Your Document

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What Documents Go With This One?

All of the documents that you are serving upon the opposing party. This will depend on the underlying action.

What is the Process for Creating an Acceptance of Service?

Use this document if the other party will agree to sign it in front of a Notary Public when the other party receives his/her copy of the document(s) you filed with the Court. This saves you from having to use a Process Server or other method of service. Once the other party signs the Acceptance of Service, you must make copies and file it with the Court, just as you did with the other documents. There is no filing fee. [/av_textblock]