Affidavit Regarding Minor Children

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What is an Affidavit Regarding Minor Children?

This is a form filed in many of the Family Court cases involving children and is required in all cases involving legal decision-making.  It is to tell the Court who the children are in the case and where they have lived and with whom over a certain period of time.  It assists the Court in determining jurisdiction of the case, who has been the child(ren)’s primary caregiver and whether or not there are other cases involving the child(ren) and if there are any other parties not involved in this case that may say they have a legal decision-making or parenting time claim as to the child(ren) in your case.

What do I Need to Complete the Affidavit of Financial Information?

  • Each child’s name
  • Each child’s date of birth
  • Each child’s agre
  • Addresses where each child has resided for the past 5 years and during what time periods
  • Who each child resided with at each address and that person’s relationship to the child

Additional Information to Remember

Instead of filing a separate Affidavit Regarding Minor Children, you may include all of the above information in your Petition.  This just avoids additional forms being filed.  However, it is a quick and easy form so filing it may also make things a little clearer to the clerk when filing and to the judge assigned to your case.

This is a free form on our Access Legal website when completing your Petition.  You can obtain this form by signing up for our free Access Legal Account now!