Last Update – 11/05/2019


  1. You understand and agree that I Do Over contracts with Modern Law attorneys to provide you with legal coaching and that neither I Do Over nor Modern Law will represent you in your case under this agreement. The legal coaching you get from Modern Law will include assistance with the legal strategies, analysis, advice and recommendations regarding your case. You authorize I Do Over to provide Modern Law with your email address and any other information you have provided.
  1. The agreement for coaching will begin once you have accepted the terms of services, paid for coaching services, and Modern Law has completed a conflict check to ensure there is no ethical conflict between another person and you. For example, Modern Law cannot coach you if they are also coaching or representing the opposing party in your family law matter. 
  1. Legal coaching services will relate to your family law self-representation in the State of Arizona. You agree to keep Modern Law updated with any new information or developments in your situation. You agree to be truthful and cooperative with us and you understand that the usefulness of the coaching we provide is largely dependent upon the completeness of the information you provide.
  1. Coaching services may be provided by multiple individuals within Modern Law. It is possible that the staff assigned to your matter may change over the course of the coaching relationship.
  1. Modern Law will account for the use of coaching time purchased based on tracking time spent on communication, research, correspondence, drafting of documents, memoranda, and the like related to your case. Time will be charged in increments of 1/10 (.1), and Modern Law will maintain accurate records of time spent on your behalf.  
  1. By signing this agreement, you understand you have entered into a flat fee for coaching services that it is earned upon receipt. If the engagement for legal coaching is terminated before the time is used, we will provide you with a pro-rated refund of the Coaching Fee based on the number of unused coaching hours at an hourly rate of $350/hour.
  1. If you want to purchase additional coaching time, we will enter a separate agreement when you purchase additional time.
  1. Your information is confidential no matter who is paying for your services. If someone else is paying for your legal coaching, you can expect that your information will be kept confidential. You won’t have to give up any rights to decisions you need to make with an attorney just because someone else may be paying the bill.  And, just to be clear, a third-party payor is not the person being represented, so any refunds of unused money will go to you. If you want us to share information with any 3rd party, tell us specifically who and what we should share.
  1. It Is possible that I – or Modern Law – may choose to terminate their legal coaching of you at any time for any reason with written notice, subject to Modern Law’s ethical duties. If Modern Law decides to terminate its legal coaching of you, Modern Law will take reasonable steps to protect your interests.
  1. If you are dissatisfied with Modern Law or if you have a question about the fees charged or billing statements or any other matter, you will inform Modern Law promptly and work with Modern Law toward a resolution.  It’s understood that both Modern Law and you will retain the option to terminate legal coaching at any time upon written notice, subject to Modern Law’s obligation to its ethical duties. If that should occur, you agree to promptly pay all outstanding fees and costs you have incurred for services rendered through the date of termination.
  2. If you have been referred to I Do Over from Modern Law, it is important you understand the relationship between the companies including that the fees you pay to I Do Over for document preparation may result in profits to the company that is owned by Billie Tarascio. We do not believe that the potential monetary compensation from these related business services will affect the independent professional judgment of the attorneys at Modern Law providing you with competent legal advice. We encourage you to check the rates and services of comparable legal document preparation options to compare rates.

    The terms and fees for the ancillary services are set forth in detail in the attached “Informed Terms and Conditions”.

    All legal services and billing related to any family law case will be completely separate from document preparation services.  You will never be charged twice for work performed; you will either be billed for legal advice through Modern Law, or charged for fees associated with document preparation. 

    Confidentiality of all information that you convey to Modern Law as part of your legal representation will not be disclosed to I Do Over unless impliedly or expressly authorized by you for your benefit.  I may, however, be required to disclose certain information in order to provide document preparation services which I will discuss with you, prior to disclosing.  You understand that even though I have a financial interest in I Do Over, the other professionals in that company who may provide you with services are not attorneys and are not regulated by the Arizona Supreme Court’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  For instance, they are not subject to the same conflict of interest requirements as attorneys and their confidentiality rules are determined by their regulatory agency. 

    In the event that a conflict of interest arises, an attorney at Modern Law may be forced to withdraw. For that reason, no information about your document preparation services is shared with Modern Law. However, in the event that you wanted information to be shared and Modern Law learned that information provided in the family law case was materially inaccurate, we may be forced to withdraw as your attorney.

    I encourage you to have another lawyer review the terms of this agreement regarding your use of I Do Over and Modern Law. You are not required to retain separate counselIf you have any questions regarding my relationship with I Do Over or any other questions about these additional services, please ask me.  You understand that I am not representing you as your lawyer in this transaction. 

    I will take your signature below as your informed consent to waive the potential conflict of interest described above, your consent to the terms of this business arrangement, your acknowledgement that we have discussed these terms, and that you have had sufficient time to consult independent counsel, if you want