What is an Application and Affidavit for Default?

The Application for Default requests that the court grants you everything you asked for in your Petition, by default, because the other party has not filed a response within the legal time limit.

The Details

You can file this document if at least 20 days have passed since the other party was served with your Petition, and the other party has not filed a Response. The exception is if the other party lives outside of Arizona; then they have 30 days to respond to your Petition.

Steps for Completion in Maricopa County

Begin counting down the default period the day after your spouse was served with the divorce papers. Next, fill out the Application and Affidavit for Default.

You can get the document you need directly from IDoOver.life by contacting us below. When the document is complete, sign it in front of a Notary Public or the Clerk of the Court. Make two copies of your Application and Affidavit for Default document.

After Filing

After you have filed the Application and Affidavit for Default, you are required to mail a copy of the document to the Respondent at his or her last known address. You may have to serve this notice to your spouse. Then the Respondent is given a grace period of ten (10) days to respond. After this grace period is over, a default hearing may be granted to you, the Petitioner. Call the courts to find out the date of your default hearing.

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