Arizona Child Support Worksheet

What is the Child Support Worksheet?

This is the document that determines how much one of the parties will pay to the other party for child support when the final orders are entered.

To find a Child Support Calculator and a copy of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines go to:  https://www.azcourts.gov/familylaw/Child-Support-Calculator-Information.

What you Will Need for Calculating Child Support

  • Both parties’ gross monthly incomes (before taxes and deductions)
  • Amount of spousal maintenance being paid and received (if applicable)
  • Whether either party has other children (with other people) and how many
  • How many children do the parties in this matter have
  • Are any of the children 12 years or older
  • Who carries medical/dental/vision insurance for the child(ren) and the cost for just the child(ren)
  • Who pays childcare costs, if applicable, and how much is paid per month
  • Whether either party pays and extra education expenses (private school, tutoring)
  • Whether either party pays any extraordinary expenses (special needs, gifted programs)
  • How many parenting time days the party who is not the primary parent receives (or equal time if the parties have an equal number of days)

When calculating child support, the information contained in the Worksheet may be one sided information based on what you have access to or it may be based on information agreed to by the parties.  It is important that when you calculate parenting time to remember to review the Child Support Guidelines when determining the length of days based on the times you have defined for your parenting time schedules.  Each block of parenting time is not always just one day.  This can drastically change your calculation so it is important to make sure this is accurate.

To find a Child Support Calculator and a copy of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines go to:  https://www.azcourts.gov/familylaw/Child-Support-Calculator-Information.

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