Q. Help! How to Divorce without a lawyer? I have run out of money, and my lawyer has withdrawn. What are my options now?

Welcome to the majority! More than 80% of individuals in Maricopa County represent themselves in family court.

While the reasons are varied, most people represent themselves because they cannot afford, or do not want to spend, the money necessary to hire an attorney. Smart, educated individuals are asking themselves, should I spent my children’s’ college fund for my divorce, or should I represent my own interests?

Now that you are among the majority of people representing themselves, rest assured you can turn to Access Legal for assistance and information as you become your own Legal Ninja. Access Legal offers customized and professional documents for every aspect of your Maricopa County family law case.

Help Without the Huge Cost

Access Legal will also provide you with a professional network of private investigators, process servers, business valuators, financial analysts, attorneys and more. After talking about self-representation, why would you want an attorney? Some people opt to receive help with the more complex elements of their case. This is called limited scope legal services.  Limited scope legal services allow you to hire the attorney for pieces of your case that you would like assistance with.

Access Legal will provide you with referrals to attorneys who will give you a free consultation and limited scope legal services thereafter. Consulting periodically with an attorney while you represent yourself is an excellent idea for most individuals.

The bottom line is that you are now in control of your budget and your case. There are pros and cons to self-representation, and the best candidates are organized, informed, and level-headed. Peruse the resources on Access Legal, and let us know if you would like to schedule with a certified legal document preparer.