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Are you looking for easy divorce options? What about affordable legal help for a custody issue? The I Do Over packages are built to make your divorce or family law issue easy to resolve without an attorney.

Our three packages are designed to meet whatever your family law needs are by providing professional help every step of the way.

Our Divorce Packages

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The Basic Do Over

The Basic Do Over includes professional drafting of all the documents you need to complete your do over. All documents are completed by our Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer.

The Facilitated Do Over

The Facilitated Do Over is a great deal that includes everything from the Basic Do Over plus two mediation sessions with a trained mediator and family law professional.

The Advised Do Over

The Advised Do Over is truly the best of both worlds. Get all the documents you need from a certified legal document preparer and up to two hours advice and coaching for a licensed attorney.

About Us


Not everyone needs an attorney! But if you’ve never been through the process, you don’t know what you need to know.

Our expert team can help you.

Our packages are not designed for active litigation and do not include discovery requests, motions or response to motions, or pretrial statements. However, if you need these documents, you can work directly with our certified legal document preparer to draft whatever documents you need to represent yourself.

“I Do Over lets you to use a certified paralegal for as much or as little as you like, with an attorney always available to step in when something comes up you can’t handle on your own. “

Billie Tarascio, attorney and founder

More Do It Yourself Options

Online Classes

Parenting Plans

Learn what to put in your parenting plan so that you’re protected for the years ahead. 

FREE CLASS: Your Representation Options

When it comes to saving money on divorce, you need to know how to use the system and what’s available for you.

Navigating Family Court

Prepare for what to expect when you self represent. When you know what’s ahead, you arm yourself to succeed.

Rules for conflict resolution

Conflict resolution starts with being open and honest and really talking about the things that are affecting us, why they’re affecting us and how they’re affecting us. If we can get generally both parties to discuss those things, we can easily kind of establish a framework for where we need to go with it.

Dealing with teenagers during divorce

Should teenagers go through therapy in the midst of your divorce? Probably. Not only do adults struggle with issues, but kids struggle too, and have fewer tools to deal with the problems. Here’s what family therapist Erik Gagnon has to say.

What is a Parenting Plan?

The Parenting Plan What is a Parenting Plan? This is a document used in all cases involving minor children.  This document allows you to state what type of legal decision-making you want and the type of parenting time schedule you want to exercise with the other...

Getting your ex to pay for healthcare expenses

Has your ex failed to pay their portion of healthcare expenses for your children? You have a court order. Your ex is supposed to pay a portion of all of the unreimbursed medical and dental expenses for your children. You provide receipts and ask for repayment and and...

Applying for a default judgment

What is an Application and Affidavit for Default? The Application for Default requests that the court grants you everything you asked for in your Petition, by default, because the other party has not filed a response within the legal time limit. The Details You can...

How to Think Like a Divorce Lawyer

Free legal Advice | How to Think Like a Divorce Lawyer. Looking for free legal advice? How to think like a divorce lawyer. Now is when we really start thinking like a divorce lawyer. This next phase in your case will help you to develop your positions and move toward...

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“Excellent follow up. Everything was explained in detail and in a way that was always easy to understand. Jenn is friendly, caring and would help you even after the fact. I felt she would do anything you needed.”

Lonnie C

“The service was very professional. And Jen was also very sweet. She not only took into consideration all the legal aspects but also all the personal aspects I was going through.”

Leanne A

“All my needs were met and knowledge of the divorce process given.”

Shawn M

“I’d rate Jen 100. She’s super awesome! I loved Jen. She’s timely, professional, very knowledgeable, super resourceful and was always available which is very important when you’re representing yourself.”

Jerald W

Thank you Billie for all your help. You and your staff at Modern Law and iDoOver are amazing. Big thanks to Jen. Professional and so understanding of my needs.”

Floyd W.

“Everyone I came in contact with was very nice. The girl at the front desk was exceptional as was Jen of course. Jen made me feel very comfortable expressing my feeling and my needs to her. She gave me the time and attention I needed. I would highly recommend her. You all helped me so much.”

Rose K

“Jennifer made me feel super comfortable. She answered all my questions and provided the best professional service.”

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“The service was great. They were insanely thorough and detailed and caring. I knew my case was being taken care of and I didn’t have anything to worry about.”

Josh H