eFiling Online in Maricopa County

How to eFile Your Documents: eFiling is awesome! It saves you the time and money associated with driving to the courthouse, waiting in line, and delivering copies manually where they need to go. You can eFile your family court documents in Maricopa County by following these step-by-step instructions. Email docs@accesslegaldocs.com with any questions.

eFiling Instructions

1. Visit https://efiling.clerkofcourt.maricopa.gov/fdlogin.asp 2. Follow the online instructions to create your eFiling account if needed. 3. Print and sign your document for filing. Scan and upload to computer. 4. Log in to your eFiling account and click “File Now.” 5. Enter your case number and all requested information related to the document (Name of document, type of filing, etc.) 6. Print the confirmation page of the filing and mail with your document (if not required to be served pursuant to Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, etc.) to the opposing party or counsel.   *NOTE: This is NOT a filed copy of the document. It may take up to 24 hours for the document to be filed with the court. You will receive a separate email once your document has been ACCEPTED and can be downloaded from the Electronic Court Records (ERC). This is the copy that will be file-stamped and can be delivered to your assigned Judge. There may also be filing fees associated with filing your document. If so, you will receive a separate email from the clerk of the court notifying you of the filing fee. Your document will not be filed with the court until payment is made. For additional questions, you may contact the eFiling Clerk at (602) 37-CLERK. Choose option 7, then 4.