Motion for Pre-Decree Temporary Orders Without Children

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What is a Motion for Pre-Decree Temporary Orders Without Children?


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A Motion for Pre-Decree Temporary Orders allows you to request that the court issue an interim order about one or more of the following:

    • Spousal Maintenance
    • Exclusive Use of Property
    • Joint debts or sale of a joint asset, such as a home
    • Attorney Fees

If you do not have children, you need a Motion for Pre-Decree Temporary Orders Without Children. Get Started With This Package

If you have children, you must use a Motion for Pre-Decree Temporary Orders With Children.

What Do I Need to Know?

You must be specific about why a temporary order is necessary. The order will remain in effect until the final decree. You may file a motion for temporary orders even if you are not the Petitioner and even if it has been months since the filing of the original Petition and Response.

Either party can file a “Motion for Temporary Orders” while waiting for a final court order, provided that a Petition for Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment, or to Establish Legal Decision Making, Parenting Time, and/or Support has already been filed (or is being filed at the same time).

Legal Documents You Need

You must also submit these documents with your Motion for Temporary Orders:

  • Order to Appear
  • Family Court Department Notices

The above are documents you must submit with your Motion for Temporary Orders. The Order to Appear is a form you will provide to the Court so that it can notify you more easily about the hearing for your Motion. The Family Court Department Notices contain important information for both parties regarding the hearing.

What is My Next Step

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