What is a Parenting Plan?

A Parenting Plan is required for any case involving children. A Parenting Plan describes in detail the Legal Decision Making (Custody) and Parenting Time that you want, specifically stating days, times, transportation plans, a holiday schedule, and vacation schedule, as well as methods for changing and reviewing the plan.

Information You Need

Because it must be specific, consider consulting the school calendar in your district or your intended district when designing this plan. You may also include provisions for:

  • Telephone contact
  • Social media
  • Medical decisions
  • Religious practices
  • When third parties will be introduced to children
  • Third party involvement in parenting
  • And more

This document can be very specific and lengthy. Its purpose is to help the parents define their co-parenting relationship moving forward. It will be mandatory before a final hearing, but you can use it with your initial filings of the Petition or a Response or it can be filed along with a Resolution Statement or Pretrial statement.

Other Important Documents

The Parenting Plan can be filed separately with the court, but it is usually attached to another document, such as a Consent Decree, a Motion for Temporary Orders, or a Petition to Establish Parenting Time.