Proposed Resolution Statement Without Children

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What is a Proposed Resolution Statement Without Children?

This is a position that should be submitted with a Disclosure Statement within 40 days after the filing of a Response to the initial Petition.  However, if no Disclosure Statement is completed you will be ordered to submit one when the Court sets a hearing called a Resolution Management Conference.  At that time, the Court will set a due date for the Proposed Resolution Statement to be submitted.  The Resolution Management Conference is typically the first hearing you will attend for your case and is a brief 15-30 minute hearing to see if agreements have been reached and to set additional hearings.

How do I Complete the Proposed Resolution Statement?

In this document you will outline what you would like the outcome in your divorce case to be regarding

  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Division of marital property and debts
  • Sole and and separate property and debts
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Settlement agreements that have been reached between the parties

The Proposed Resolution Statement is similar to a Pretrial Statement; however, is typically less detailed since it is typically submitted early in a case.  You can only state your what the positions are that need to be addressed and your proposed resolution of those issues.  You cannot argue your case or attack the other party’s positions within the document.

When do I Submit the Proposed Resolution Statement?

The Proposed Resolution Statement is used in almost every case and must be filed approximately 7 calendar days prior to the Resolution Management Conference before the Judge.  This document does get filed with the Clerk of the Court. A copy is to be provided to the Judge in your case and the other party or their attorney.

Other Helpful Tips

If your Initial Disclosure Statement has not been completed, you will be ordered to provide it to the other party approximately 7 days prior to the Resolution Management Conference.  This deadline will be set in the order from the Judge setting your Resolution Management Conference.  Again, it benefits you to complete these tasks early so that they are not forgotten and left until just before trial.  Not submitting disclosure in a timely manner could affect the outcome of your case and any opportunity you could have to change your orders in the future.

If you have children

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