Response to Petition to Modify

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What is a Response to Petition to Modify?

If you have been served with a Petition to Modify any type of your current order, you typically have 20 days to respond to the Petition if you do not agree with what it says.

If you have children you will need a Response that has to do with the issues the other party is filing to modify regarding your children.

If you do not have children you will need a Response that does not include issues regarding children.

What do I Need to Complete this Form?

  • Information about your children if it varies from what is stated in the Petition
  • Your documentation indicating why you believe something requested should not be modified
  • Your positions as to why the other party’s statements are not true
  • Your recent pay information
  • Your recent costs related to benefits for the child(ren)
  • Your recent costs as to childcare, extra education expenses, and/or extraordinary expenses
  • Your income tax returns
  • Anything else that shows why the other party’s Petition is incorrect and should not be granted by the Court as it is written

Additional Information You Should Know

The simplest way to write a Response in really any case, is to go to each paragraph and state whether you agree or disagree with the statements in that paragraph.  The paragraphs should be numbered in some way to make this process fairly simple.  If you agree you can simply state that agree.  If you disagree you can say you disagree and then write what your position is as to the issue in that paragraph.

This must be filed with the Court within the time frame allowed or the Court may order what the other party has requested since you did not provide any input as to your positions supporting or disagreeing with the Petition to Modify.

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