Last Update – November 5, 2019

By purchasing an I Do Over “FACILITATED DO OVER” package, the purchaser agrees to the following terms and conditions. Within this contract, “we” or “us” refers to I Do Over; “you” refers to the purchaser/client.


  1. We are Certified Legal Document Preparers (CLDP), I Do Over does not provide attorneys. We are not permitted to engage in the practice of law, which includes providing any kind of legal advice or recommendation to you. CLDPs help you express your story, objectives, and goals by assisting with legal drafting and navigating the legal system. We do not represent you in court and do not negotiate on your behalf.
  2. You are purchasing an I Do Over Facilitated Do Over Package for the total price of $1500.00. This package is for CLDP drafting services and up to two mediation sessions with CLDP and trained mediator Jenifer Bone. The CLDP will prepare, file, and process your Petition or Response documents and your Decree documents (the final orders).
  3. This fee is earned wholly and completely upon the receipt and signature on your initial document (Petition or Response). No refunds are given for CLDP services after we have completed and delivered initial documents and you have accepted them by signing. If you cancel your contract prior to the signing of documents, half of your total fee will be refunded.
  4. If you need additional paperwork beyond the Petition/Response and Decree documents, for instance, discovery documents, legal motions, memorandum, or anything a judge may order, those documents are not included in your package price and will need to be contracted for separately with I Do Over.
  5. Mediation is “at-will” and must be agreed to by both parties. Mediation terms will be subject to another agreement outlining the expectations of mediation. Purchasing this package allows the CLDP to perform mediation services on any necessary issues when and if both parties agree.
  6. We make no representation as to the outcome of any legal matter.  We can only provide assistance on the issues you present to us, based upon the facts as you present to us. We cannot predict the outcome of your case.
  7. You agree to read and sign (or notarize) and approve all of the legal documents that will be filed on your behalf prior to authorizing us to file them. You will review the documents for accuracy and ensure all items and issues that you believe are important are included in the documents.  If you fail to properly review the documents after signing them, and any items are missing, you are solely responsible to make any modifications.
  8. You understand the Courts have discretion in making decisions regarding your case and although you have requested certain items in your legal documents the Judge may not agree and may not order what you have requested.
  9. You understand once the documents have been filed with the Clerk of the Court, they cannot be returned or rescinded. Sometimes it is possible to file an amendment, but this amendment is not included in your package costs.
  10. In order for us to best serve you, you agree to communicate all relevant facts including any discussions or agreements that you have made in your case with the opposing party or opposing attorney. You also agree to make us aware of any communications you receive from opposing counsel or the court throughout the duration of the engagement.
  11. Your package price does not include Clerk of the Court fees, process serving fees, witness fees or any investigative fees that may be necessary for your matter. You understand that your package includes only preparation of the Petition/Response documents to initiate or respond to a legal action and the final orders in your matter, when necessary. The final orders can be a Decree (or final Order), Parenting Plan, Child Support Worksheet and Child Support Order, if applicable.
  12. Any dispute arising between you and us relating to any aspect of the services and services provided shall be resolved first by negotiation; if negotiation is not successful, we agree to discuss in good faith the use of mediation before resorting to arbitration, litigation, or any other dispute resolution procedure. You and we agree that if we do engage in arbitration or any other legal proceeding to resolve our conflict, whichever of us prevails in that proceeding will collect from the other the reasonable lawyer’s fees and costs incurred by the prevailing party in connection with such proceeding. Any legal proceeding of any kind concerning subscription services, whether in court or in arbitration, shall be brought in Maricopa County, Arizona.
  13. If you have been referred to I Do Over from Modern Law, it is important you understand the relationship between the companies including that the fees you pay to I Do Over for document preparation may result in profits to the company that is owned by Billie Tarascio. We do not believe that the potential monetary compensation from these related business services will affect the independent professional judgment of the attorneys at Modern Law providing you with competent legal advice. We encourage you to check the rates and services of comparable legal document preparation options to compare rates.

    The terms and fees for the ancillary services are set forth in detail in the attached “Informed Terms and Conditions”.

    All legal services and billing related to any family law case will be completely separate from document preparation services.  You will never be charged twice for work performed; you will either be billed for legal advice through Modern Law, or charged for fees associated with document preparation. 

    Confidentiality of all information that you convey to Modern Law as part of your legal representation will not be disclosed to I Do Over unless impliedly or expressly authorized by you for your benefit.  I may, however, be required to disclose certain information in order to provide document preparation services which I will discuss with you, prior to disclosing.  You understand that even though I have a financial interest in I Do Over, the other professionals in that company who may provide you with services are not attorneys and are not regulated by the Arizona Supreme Court’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  For instance, they are not subject to the same conflict of interest requirements as attorneys and their confidentiality rules are determined by their regulatory agency. 

    In the event that a conflict of interest arises, an attorney at Modern Law may be forced to withdraw. For that reason, no information about your document preparation services is shared with Modern Law. However, in the event that you wanted information to be shared and Modern Law learned that information provided in the family law case was materially inaccurate, we may be forced to withdraw as your attorney.

    I encourage you to have another lawyer review the terms of this agreement regarding your use of I Do Over and Modern Law. You are not required to retain separate counselIf you have any questions regarding my relationship with I Do Over or any other questions about these additional services, please ask me.  You understand that I am not representing you as your lawyer in this transaction. 

    I will take your signature below as your informed consent to waive the potential conflict of interest described above, your consent to the terms of this business arrangement, your acknowledgement that we have discussed these terms, and that you have had sufficient time to consult independent counsel, if you want.