The easiest way to DIY your divorce with expert help

The Advised Do Over

The Advised Do Over is truly the best of both worlds. Get all the documents you need from a certified legal document preparer and up to two hours advice and coaching from a licensed attorney.

Let a Pro help you 

The Advised Do Over

Advised Do Over

Get everything you need


This takes the fear out of a DIY divorce without the expense of the average $20,000 lawyer-represented divorce

What you’ll get:

  • CDLP services to complete your case.
  • Advice and Strategy from local, licensed, experienced attorneys.
  • Peace of Mind from knowing you have the right experts working on your case.

The Advised Do Over

Our NO WORRY Offer

If you decide not to represent yourself, or you need legal representation for a mediation or court hearing, we have partnered with Modern Law, our sister company that provides full legal representations by licensed attorneys who practice only family law. These lawyers can provide “limited scope” assistance, meaning they can come in as much or as little as you need – if and when you need it!