The easiest way to DIY your divorce with expert help

The Basic Do Over

The Basic Do Over is our simplest solution to the do-it-yourself divorce on a budget.

Let a Pro help you 

The Basic Do Over

Worried that you’ll get something wrong? No problem. We’ve made it simple.


This package includes a Certified Legal Document Preparer (CLDP)  drafting of a petition or response and any documents necessary to complete your case.

What you’ll get (as applicable to your case):
  1. Divorce Petition
  2. Child Support Worksheet
  3. Parenting Plan
  4. Consent Decree
  5. Divorce Decree
You’ll be able to ask questions and get clarifications from your preparer.
If you need a bit of legal help along the way, you’ll be allowed to upgrade your plan when the need arises.

You’ll Save THOUSANDS on a divorce!