The easiest way to DIY your divorce with expert help

The Facilitated Do Over

The Facilitated Do Over includes everything from the Basic Do Over plus two mediation sessions with a trained mediator and family law professional.

Let a Pro help you 

The Facilitated Do Over

Need to divide retirement accounts?

Need help developing a parenting plan that works for both of you?

Then the Facilitated Do Over is perfect for you.

The Facilitated Do Over is the best choice for an uncontested divorce, modification, or custody plan with just a few issues that you and your ex need help working out.

What you’ll get (as applicable to your case):

  • Certified Legal Document Preparer Assistance
  • Divorce Petition
  • Child Support Worksheet
  • Parenting Plan
  • Consent Decree
  • Divorce Decree
  • Up 4 hours of mediation in 2 sessions with our mediator and CLDP