Has your ex failed to pay their portion of healthcare expenses for your children?

You have a court order. Your ex is supposed to pay a portion of all of the unreimbursed medical and dental expenses for your children. You provide receipts and ask for repayment and and yet your ex doesn’t pay.

Over the course of years this can rack up to thousands of dollars owed to you by your ex. What can you do? By filing a petition for enforcement and completing a chart of unreimbursed medical expenses you can enforce the court order against your acts and receive reimbursement for your expenses.

What is a Chart of Unreimbursed Medical Expenses?

This is a chart you must complete and attach to your Petition to Enforce at the time of filing.  Clearly provide the information for the Court’s review.  This chart is for you to indicate to the Court what expenses have come up that have not been covered by insurance and how much each party is responsible for paying based on their current order.  It also indicates how much has been paid, if any.

What Do I Need?

You will need the following information to complete this chart:

  • Each invoice that has not been paid and requires payment and/or reimbursement by the other party
  • Dates of service
  • Names of healthcare providers
  • Amount of bill paid by insurance or another third party
  • Amount of bill to be paid by Father
  • Amount of bill to be paid by Mother
  • How much of the total bill is still owed
  • How much Father still owes toward each invoice
  • How much Mother still owes toward each invoice

These totals must be totaled at the end of the chart.  The total amount owed by the other party is the amount indicated in your Petition to Enforce that you are requesting be paid by the other party and has not been paid.  It is important to have all documentation supporting your list of invoices so you can show the Court proof of what is stated in your Chart.


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