Legal Disclaimer

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Access Legal, LLC provides legal forms for self-help informational purposes only. It is your sole responsibility to select the correct forms for your specific legal needs.

Access Legal may not provide you any legal advice and may only assist with your self-help services at your specific instructions. Access Legal is not a lawyer, law firm, legal services provider, or a legal referral service, is not acting as your Attorney, and is not a substitute for an Attorney or law firm. Access Legal may not give you any legal guidance. You may wish to hire outside legal counsel to advise you. Your self prepared forms may be reviewed by our Certified Legal Document Preparer (“AZCLDP”), registered in Arizona for an additional fee or you may hire an Attorney to review your forms

Access Legal is not allowed to engage in any practice of law and is specifically prohibited from offering any consultation, advice, instructions, analysis or recommendations for any document or any legal options.

Your use of this website does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. You may engage your own counsel for any legal advice or guidance. Access Legal provides only the documents for your selection. Any communications with Access Legal are not protected by the attorney-client privilege nor any work product doctrine.

Access Legal‘s platform provides our customers an online legal platform for basic legal informational forms through its automated software solution to individuals who choose to select and prepare their own legal forms. Nothing published on Access Legal is anything more than informational in nature on common legal topics.

Access Legal cannot guarantee that all its forms are current and up to date. Legal forms are provided on a best effort basis and should be verified as to the correct jurisdiction and correct version of the form for your needs. That may be verified at the court in which you are filing in.

Users may obtain information regarding legal representation through your state bar association or local legal aid office.

You may access our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for further information.